A New Dystopia By George Orwell

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A New Dystopia
Who will reign supreme; Aldous Huxley or George Orwell? Ever since these two authors released their dystopian novels over 50 years ago, both authors and avid fans have argued as to which dystopia will take over our society. Will it be the brute force, boot and gun approach of Orwell 's dystopia or the all-loving, drug-accepting society that Huxley illustrates? If you take a closer look, a mix of both dystopias is quite apparent in our society today; we are living in our own modern, advanced and constantly developing dystopia. The topics discussed in these two novels cover a variety of subjects, sex, drugs, freedom, religion and beliefs, and life in general. Both have their own idea of what outcome these topics will take in their most dire form. In this paper I will be comparing and contrasting their differences and then comparing them to our world today in an effort to see which direction our society is headed.
The topic of sex in these two novels is depicted in very different ways. In 1984, sex and intimate relationships are taboo. Big Brother thinks that a relationship with intimacy between two individuals may cause them to unite together and could possible lead to the questioning of Big Brother, which is unacceptable and potentially dangerous. On the opposite side of the spectrum, in Brave New World, everyone is expected to engage with as many partners as possible. Also, that engaging with only one partner a number of times is suspicious. In fact if you don

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