A New Epidemic That Is Hitting America By Storm

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There is a new epidemic that is hitting America by storm in this day and age. It is a serious concern that can lead to serious health problems, social ostracism and, if left untreated, fatality. This disease is obesity, more specially child and teenage obesity in America which statistics show has reached an alarming 2.5 million for children ranging from 2 to 19. This teeming number is continually increasing and as a result, children are at an increased risk for diseases traditionally correlated with adults such as heart disease and Type II diabetes. Sadly enough, this can and will shorten the life span of children if measures are not taken. Now, there are many unknowns as to the actual causes of teen obesity and not just gluttony or …show more content…

When it comes to surgery, there is an intensive pre-operative and post-operative procedure to ensure that the patient is well-prepared and healing mentally and physically, respectively. Now depending on the type of surgery performed, there are a specific set of health risks. Two types of weight loss surgery are currently being utilized, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, a form of stomach stapling to curb food intake, and adjustable gastric banding, a placing of an adjustable band around the stomach to restrict food intake. With Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass, the health risks include Infection at incision points, narrowed links between the stomach and the intestines, loosened staples, vomiting, diarrhea, and hernia. Gastric Banding has health risks, including bleeding, infection, erosion of the band into the inside of the stomach, blockage of the stoma, and band slippage, occurring when moderate food intake does not take place, thus inducing vomiting. Other concerns for both these types of surgery is the after effect and the true effectiveness of the procedure, and the careful and strict adherence to diet, exercise, mental support groups, body contouring, etc. A 2006 group of obese teens who have undergone surgery will be interviewed again in 2011 to determine the actual effectiveness of their

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