A New Era Of Terrorism

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The notion that we are in a “new” era of terrorism is a concept frequently discussed by many scholars. Despite the term being coined in the 1990s, it has quickly gained significance after 9/11. This ‘New’ era is presumably characterized by many factors such as(Duyvesteyn,2010,p443); religious fanaticism rather than the political motivations of traditional Right Wing Dissident Terrorists(RWDT’s); the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians; shift to the use of loosely organised networks as opposed to RWDT’s vertically organized hierarchical structure; tendency of ‘new’ terrorists to operate along transnational lines; and the potential of Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD’s), with the intention to distribute maximum destruction. However, this concept has been challenged by the fact that traditional RWDT’s have conducted indiscriminate acts of violence; as well as there being evidence of ‘New’ terrorists not being purely religiously oriented. This suggests that there are several ideological similarities that ‘new’ terrorism may share with traditional RWDT. Despite this there are also inconsistencies with its characteristics, such as the lack of WMD’s in the tactics of ‘New’ terrorists. Sceptics argue that this terrorism may not necessarily be ‘new’ but rejuvenated and could potentially be ‘artificial’(Kurtulus,2011,p479). Spencer (Kurtulus, p479) captures the possibility of ‘New’ terrorism being used profoundly at a time of peril and heightened concerns (9/11) in order to
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