A New Field Of Science

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We know a lot about different organs that form a human body but, when it comes to the brain, which is contained in a case called skull, we come across one of the most complicated but, fascinating organ that is being talked much about by psychologists, doctors and scientists, as they try to determine precisely how the diverse structures of the brain work jointly in an intricate way to construct our powerful human mind allowing us to perform our daily tasks. Endorsing a new field of science, called neuroscience (or Neuro-studies), biologically we know that, this walnut-shaped chunk, weighs about 3 pounds (1, 3 kilograms). It also looks mushy and wrinkled reason why a research states, that as a child grows it’s brain, the number of cells…show more content…
They come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes (Nelson, Sugino, & Hempel, 2006) but are dived into four major regions:
First we have the little branches called Dendrites that receives most of the synaptic inputs from other cells.
Then, we have the Cell body (or Soma), which contains the nucleus, which in return contains the DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) of the cell and controls the development of the nerve cells, and the structure of the cell body, is where lots of data information is being processed. Examining the lower part of a neuron’s structure, we have the Axons which are long distensions where signals travel all the way to the Axon terminal, and these last ones connect themselves to other neurons by realising neurotransmitters across the synapse as a consequence, these last ones are what influence the activity of other cells.
There are three kinds of neurons that interacts with the Central Nervous System, Sensory neurons that send signals to the CNS; Motor neurons that send signals away from the CNS to the muscles, organs, tissues etc., lastly , the Interneurons which is contained within the CNS. Action potentials are the electric impulses in a neuron that transfer information and transmit it through an axon.
Imagine a scenario where you are at home, preparing a meal, you have your pot on the boiler but then the doorbell rings. You leave the pot on the boiler to go open the door and it’s just the postman with a
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