A New Form of Bullying: Cyberbullying

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When thinking of bullying, most people tend to think about the original form, where the bully harasses the victim in person; but, in this generation, cyberbullying is a new form of harassment that goes beyond the schoolyard. This way, individuals can be bullied all day and any day, but when you ask teens today, 81% of them think it is funny. (NPC) This shows that most teens do not think of cyberbullying as much of a threat, even though the rate in has gone up. In 2008–2009, the School Crime Supplement indicates that 6% of students in grades 6–12 experienced cyberbullying. (Stop Bullying) Six percent of the student body has been abused over the internet and they may be struggling with depression and thought of suicide go higher, from two to nine times more (Do Something). The National Crime Prevention Council announced cyber-bullying as “a problem that affects almost half of all American teens.” The effects of cyberbullying are increasing and going from depression to suicide. Cyberbullying should be more widely known because its prevalence is increasing, anyone can be a target, and school and parents should be monitoring the children’s online behavior. In a new era, many old forms of communications have changes to fit the new technology; one of which is bullying. Instead of face-to-face bullying, people are now cyber bullying. Cyberbullying today is when “communication technology is used to intentionally harm others through hostile behavior such as sending text messages
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