A New Health Care Manager

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As a new health care manager of a, hospital affiliated, multidisciplinary practice there are a number of things that I need to consider, before even stepping foot on the premise. The role of a healthcare manger is to create an environment that offer essential and quality care at maximum profit.
As a health care manager it is up to me to regulate budgets, administer payroll and benefits, order and receive supplies as well as regularly communication with medical staff. Since the office is transitioning to a computerized there is a little more ground work that I have to put in as a new manager, like ensuring the medical staff is trained on the new computer system and ensuring that they know the HIPAA standards for privacy of health information and other state and federal laws and regulations.
During the transition, there will be lots of patient’s records being moved around and entered into the new system, since the practice is half way through this transition, I need to come in and make sure that the medical staff is handling this transition properly in regulation to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Each member of the staff will be familiar with the privacy rule of HIPPA. The HIPAA privacy rule is a complete summary on the protection of patient information, as well as how the information can be used and disclosed. To be sure that every patient chart is accounted for I will have the office managers come up with a master list of all patients’
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