A New Health Care System

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The United Sates’ economy has endured several periods of collapse; but periods of regrowth and prosperity as well. However, the rise of income inequality over the past decade has become a major economic issue in America, affecting 99% of working citizens. With an increasing gap in income inequality between the top 1% and bottom 99% of citizens, negative repercussions Americas health care system are becoming more prominent. Income inequality has resulted in higher health insurance premiums (the most expensive of any developed country) and a lack in the quality of health care one receives. Rising health care costs, along with a poor quality of health care being provided for low-income families is resulting in a greater increase in the income…show more content…
have a high-percentage of low-income families as well as older residents that wish to get away from the urban lifestyle. Income inequality has forced older residents to focus their income earnings on more basic needs such as food and shelter, rather than spend it on costly health care. This has made it impossible to expend the little savings they have accumulated on health care costs in the late years of their life because they simply cannot afford it. In addition, income inequality impacts the ability for many people to receive outpatient hospital care because they can’t afford it. Misuzu Fujita et al. found that there is a linear pattern associated with the level of income and the number of visits to an outpatient care service provider. The assumption has been made that “poor people have limited access to proper outpatient care, despite having a greater severity of ailments” (Fujita et al.). There is an increase in mortality rates in low-income areas because many people forgo their trip to the doctor, which can have fatal consequences. This needs to be a major concern for people in the United States because as a developed country, no citizen should have their life at risk because they cannot afford to go see a doctor for route check-ups and more serious conditions such as cancer. Low-income citizens in the United States need assistance in being able to pay for health care. This is something that the American government needs to
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