A New Healthcare Strategy For The Delivery Of Care

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Healthcare financing is proven to be challenging. A balance between adequate access, acceptable quality and affordable cost are the main objectives of a healthcare system (Paterson, 2014, p. 13). The island of Tekram is finding extremely difficult to achieve a solution to the current crisis of their healthcare system. The objective to this case study is to recommend a new healthcare strategy to island government.
1. To improve educational level of Tekram residents.
2. To increase economic development in poverty areas.
3. To decrease prevalence of are preventable health problems.
Goal: To decrease the prevalence of the top 3 conditions present on Tekram population (which are cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes) by 50% within 5 years. Tekram new health strategy should focus on preventive medicine. Preventive measures have been proven to save money in the delivery of care. Major health problems of Tekram are cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. All three of these conditions are greatly reduced in prevalence with the appropriate education (Prevention for a Healthier America, 2009). In addition, other problems like tuberculosis can be help with education. For instance, if people are educated about finishing the course of antibiotics, then less cases of drug-resistant will emerge. However, health in a society is developed by increase in the educational level, improvement in the environment, and economic development on areas of poverty (Paterson,
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