A New High for Society

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Although the majority of American’s are in favor of recreational marijuana federal law challenges the optimism of Americans. In 48 states marijuana is classified as a “controlled substance” putting Americans at risk of a felony charge and permanently altering the life of an individual. By letting the voters choose, we can truly see the democracy America has to offer while creating a flourishing economy simply by opening up options the public wants. But at what cause? Legalization of recreational marijuana is linked to poor grades and various amount of health illnesses. Although it may be true that marijuana is linked to poor health the economics behind legalization is far more beneficial than most realize. Legislators need see what America wants and needs, and by majority that is marijuana. As marijuana becomes a more prominent debate topic America is slowly losing out on the chance of an economic upsurge. While accepting the risk of health issues recreational marijuana needs to be legalized to create jobs for economy, end the war on drugs, and create a safer environment for all America’s citizens. In the beginning America was founded off of the principle of opportunity and constituting a large number of…

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