A New Home By Randall L. Eaton 's Argument Essay

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Frenki Minaj
Professor Haramia
PHL 350
8 December 2016
A New Home, A New Hope

In this paper, I will discuss and analyze Randall L. Eaton’s proposition that a naturalistic aquarium is a better option for cetaceans than the aquariums we have today attempting to show that his arguments for this alternative are sufficient. I will focus on orcas in specific and why Eaton believes a naturalistic aquarium would benefit them more than what they are being held captive in today, i.e. improved social needs, health benefits, as well as better living standards all together. Arguments against Eaton’s beliefs will arise including, but not limited to, the ocean being much too highly polluted for this type of aquarium, the ethical concerns regarding responsibility, and those supporting this type of alternative do not realize how costly and hard this will be to achieve. I will address these arguments and find that even after they are brought up, Randall L. Eaton’s naturalistic aquarium argument is a sufficient alternative and surpasses the doubts listed above.

Randall L. Eaton proposes that naturalistic aquariums are a better option than the aquariums we have around today. He first specifies his reasoning for finding regular aquariums to be insufficient living for orcas and dolphins and then gives the alternative choice of naturalistic aquariums. Eaton speaks about how orcas are adapted to move through vast stretches of water on a regular basis. Orcas are social creatures, as social as…

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