A New Language

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Originated on Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990s, the emoji, which were originally designed to render the convey of the emotion between participants in the text-based conversation easier have now become increasingly popular worldwide. Whether the meaning of the emoji changes during the development would be a question. In my opinion, studying the use of emoji in different gender and different country may allow us an inquiry into the topic that whether emoji will become a new language that everyone in the world can use and comprehend. Nowadays, emoji consists of not just emoticons expressing the emotion, but four human characters in different skin colors as well. “Emoji are now used in around half of every sentence on sites like…show more content…
In the study conducted by Kelly and Watts (2015), they collected the data through the interview they conducted; then a hand-in-hand analysis procedure founded based on the grounded theory was implemented to understand the characters that emoji play in mediated close personal relationships. They claimed that emoji can be used in three ways. First is to maintain the conversational thread alive, serving as the signal that the recipient of the message has little to respond. The playful interaction is another way in which emoji are appropriated. The final category is to create shared and secret uniqueness during the conversation. What Kelly and Watts did was the interpretation of the emoji’s effort between people has close relationship, which is one of the central facets of qualitative research. Bryman (2004) pinpointed that a sine qua non of qualitative research is to interpret the social reality of the subject. However, the problem of their research was the country of the participators. The individuals were from eight countries, and more than half of them were from Europe. Those interviewees had a similar culture in spite of the different nationality, which limited the culture diversity of the research. Meanwhile, the majority of the subjects considered English as their first language. In addition, the survey conducted by Jamie (2015) demonstrated that in
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