A New Leader Of A Small Staff Essay

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As City manager, my job is to lead and supervise a staff of 30 to match my current vision for our organization going forward. During the hiring process I was informed that the city has a good financial reputation, however, it has fallen on some hard times and its reputation has the possibility of slipping if something is not done to alleviate this possibility. Upon agreeing to accept this position I understood the importance in paying attention to detail and taking the time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization so that we can enhance capabilities and mitigate weaknesses. The members that hired me were made up of a search committee who may not have first-hand knowledge of the actual tasks required to do the job successfully. As the new leader of a small staff it is critical to first figure out the processes and structures required to accomplish the goals of the organization. A lack of information often requires leaders to be flexible, resourceful, and innovative during the first three to six months on new jobs. I intend on working closely with the city council to further help drive our priorities as we continue to uplift the community. However, I will be very realistic about what we can in fact accomplish within a six-month time frame. Identifying key priorities will be the first step. I will take ample time to understand the key problems and board member’s goals. Once I have gathered enough information, I will have a better understanding of the most
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