A New Liberal Arts, By Sanford Ungar

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A Degree Worth the Risk: A Look at the Liberal Arts
The essay “A New Liberal Arts,” which was written by Sanford Ungar, first appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education on March 5, 2010. In his essay, Ungar uses many different rhetorical strategies to convince his reader that a degree in the liberal arts is not a lost cause but can actually be very beneficial and lead to success. In Ungar’s opinion, there are many wrong ideas and misunderstandings about the usefulness of a degree in the liberal arts. In the essay there are seven specific misperceptions that he addresses specifically. By listing out these misperceptions, Ungar is addressing them individually in order to give each one proper attention. He offers explanations to why people may think these things and why he believes that they are incorrect. Ungar’s use of style, format, and emotional and logical arguments help him to create a persuasive and influential essay for his audience and convince them to agree with his opinion.
Unlike many people today, Sanford Ungar still believes in the liberal arts. He writes this essay with hopes that the reader will begin to understand why he believes this, and maybe choose a liberal arts path for themselves. A degree in the liberal arts may include, but are not limited to, majors in fields such as social sciences, philosophy, history, English, French, and humanities. Ungar is aware of the many misperceptions as he calls them, of society today when it comes to earning a
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