A New List Of Sustainable Development Goals

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On September 25th, the UN officially announced a new list of Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s) that would replace the previous Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) that would expire in 2015. Among the list of SDG’s released by the UN, was one in particular, goal number 14, which stated, in relation to Oceans, the aim to “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.” In addition to setting the goal previously mentioned, the UN also set out a list of targets in order to evaluate the set goals.

14.1) According to a recent article by Dong Chen, Paul Szostak, Zongsu Wei, and Ruiyang Xiao, there have been significant eutrophication issues as a result of nutrient runoffs from farmlands into natural water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, streams, etc. The nutrients, such as Phosphorus, that runoff from the farmlands into the water bodies act as a limiting agent for the growth of algae. In other words, they prevent the algae from growing, and as a result, affect the whole ecosystem of that water body. In an article published in Sensors Journal, in June 2015, Underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) were announced as possible means of detecting and observing aquatic environments. According to this article, these sensors would be used in a variety of ways, namely to monitor pollution, prevent disasters from occurring, or “assisted navigation and to send monitored data to the sink.” However, we do not need to wait until the…
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