A New Model For Secure Big Data Implementation Of Cloud Computing

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When designing a new model to secure big data implementation in cloud computing, three requirements were under close examination: Confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Confidentiality opt to keep big data secret in cloud computing for unauthorized access, in our model we are willing to keep data secret even from the cloud service provider, therefore we propose to encrypt data before send it to the cloud, the encryption method is discussed below.
Integrity prevents any kind of alter (modify or delete) or fabricate of sensitive information by unauthorized persons, integrity is related to confidentiality because by preventing unauthorized access to big data we can achieve great system integrity.
Availability is the maintenance of all the hardware and resources of our system and keeps them functioning correctly without subsidence, Availability is one of the characteristics of cloud computing, therefore, will focus on confidentiality and integrity.
3.1 Descriptive of Our Proposed Model:
Our proposed model is depicted on Fig.4: we assume that enterprises collect big data from machines and sensors, encrypt it using functional encryption, after an authentication to the system, staff sends the encrypted data to the cloud storage, we believe that data research is efficient to the organization, therefore, we add the possibility to search over encrypted data in our model, computation occur in cloud computing precisely in Hadoop environment, after the computation, data are sent
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