A New Paradigm Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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Remission a new paradigm in Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Addiction treatment is a complex and paradoxical issue. Despite the fact that most of the medical and academic institutions define addiction as a chronic brain disease, it is too often treated on an acute basis. Chronic conditions are defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as requiring ongoing management over a period of years or decades and cover a wide range of health problems. The goals of chronic care are not to cure, but to enhance functional status, minimize distressing symptoms, prolong life through secondary prevention and enhance quality of life.
As for other chronic diseases requiring a continuum of care, the expectations that addiction can respond to a single,
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There have been a lot of ideological opposition to it since its inception because of their fundamental differences. The conventional abstinence approach suggested that abstinence and therefore reducing the prevalence of use ought to be main goals of substance use, interventions or policy while the "harm reduction" approach defined the severity of substance use problems by the extent, quantity and frequency of substance use by an individual or within a population. Nowadays harm reduction is an umbrella term usually described as a strategy directed toward individuals or groups that aims to reduce the harms associated with substance abuse. This paradigm accepts that a continuing level of substance use is inevitable in society and defines objectives as reducing adverse consequences. It emphasizes the measurement of health, social and economic outcomes, as opposed to the measurement of drug consumption. This approach have been effective in reducing morbidity and mortality in adult populations with substance abuse however the concept of harm is not objectively defined, and therefore does not provide a strong empirical basis for the implementation and evaluation of harm reduction measures. With regards to alcohol field, there has been recognition that abstinence may not be the ideal or most feasible
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