A New Phase Of The Expansion Of Capitalism

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We are experiencing today a new phase of the expansion of capitalism whose purpose is not the conquest of colonies, but the control of global trade and the wealth that flows from it. Our government is too eager to take the decisive steps into the unknown of globalization without our elected officials having had the time to examine each of the sections in detail before passing the agreements. Regrettably, politicians themselves seem to have forgotten that they represented defeating our social safety net by raising taxes to the maximum, while negotiating trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to better assist multinational companies, but not to us, the citizens. Without our assistance or our opinion, these…show more content…
(Arguments) Through these arguments, I will be analyzing the situation of the Maquiladora and the Canadian workers facing the negative effects and impacts in the NAFTA zone and their response.
Organizing paragraph: In the beginning of this essay I will present the main purpose of globalization. Then I will show the impact of NAFTA on the maquiladora workers following with their responses on the negative effects of globalization. I will then introduce the clothing industry in Canada and how it has been impacted through globalization and how its workers responded. I will then be comparing both of these workers together and finally closing the essay with my conclusion.
Liberal globalization consists of mainly in the removal of all barriers in between the flow of goods and capital, which makes possible relocations, fierce competitiveness and unprecedented profits of multinationals. This is at the risk of deindustrialization and the geopolitical decline of Western countries. To maximize the benefit of businesses, the easiest and most effective solution for employers is to reduce the cost of labor. There are other ways to increase profits such as innovation, research and development and more, but the results are uncertain and cannot be achieved in the long term. However, reducing the cost of labor to generate profits is certain and immediate. Reducing wages, payroll taxes and increasing the working time achieve the decline of the cost of labor. Relocation is revealed
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