A New Poster Featuring Turkeys Prime Minister

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In 2013 a new poster featuring Turkeys prime minister has appeared in every part of Istanbul, on highway billboards, subways and busses. Wearing his usual dark suit there is Erdogan, Turkeys’ prime minister, staring down at the people with confidence and dedication like an action hero. Two large words in bold letters are written next to his face: “Saglam Irade”. Turkish for iron will. The huge billboards build a feeling of claustrophobia that many Turks are used to by now: that Erdogan is everywhere, in every newspaper column and on every TV channel. However, the poster which some of his supporters have put has been vandalized, torn and rewritten with new slogans like Iron Fascists, Iron Corruption, Iron Enemy of the People by a group of…show more content…
He came up with a plan known as the Crazy Project to build a second Bosphorus as well as a second Istanbul. Then he announced a new project for Taksim Square, which is the center of Istanbul’s European side and considered the heart of the city. The square itself surrounds a tiny park called Gezi Park, which with the absence of buildings, offers at least a sense of free space and is also known for being the place of liberals. Erdogan wanted to build tunnels from beneath and replace Gezi Park with a shopping mall designed to look like Ottoman-era military barracks. Putting anything Ottoman-like in Taksim, a symbol of secular republic, felt like a sign of Erdogan’s Islamic identity and thus caused a reaction on the people who supported the liberal’s side. But there was a bigger problem, Erdogan wasn’t the mayor of Istanbul. And he wasn’t consulting his constituents there. When a local committee composed of historians and academics voted against the plan he simply had another committee made up from his own party and override the vote. This was what his rule had come to mean and when people heard about that they got angry. The protests began when activists gathered in Gezi Park to protest against its demolition. At first, it was just some angry citizens holding sit-ins. But the numbers quickly grew. Within a week the activists’ tiny-sit spread into 70 cities. Many of the protestors were not

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