A New Problem: Addiction to Unhealthy Foods

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A problem comes in many forms or portions. When thinking of an problem, drugs, money, and what is bad comes to mind, but a new form of addiction is arising in the of the United States in midst the 21st century. The problem is the addiction to unhealthy foods. This will harm the diet of an average American and more. It is understandable that you get hungry we are human and we do need a form of energy but when that source becomes abused it can be a pitfall. The problem that leads to the pitfall consist of the manufacturing of the food eaten. The American diet consist of processed foods, factors that contribute to Americans eating it and how it can be used to change the way we eat. The American diet pattern is hard to predict because many factors are implied from where you live to your age (Warner). It is hard to say the American diet consist of certain foods because not all is eaten by everyone in the United States. So taking this in count, the diet is meat, fruits, vegetables, grain but those are the most basic to a broad perspective. The food being ingested is so malnutritious but is so delicious. For example, the Mcnuggets from McDonald’s they quite tasty but its contents are somewhat atrocious. The given calorie count for a ten piece count is 470 (McDonalds). That is one fifth of your daily calorie intake. That is one meal already gone. Even though that is not an accurate meal for the American diet but since the consumption of processed food is
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