A New Product Line Of All Organic Dog Food

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For this assignment, I would like to discuss and market a new product line of all organic dog food. My product will be called “Canine’s Healthy Diet”, it will have the slogan “ . Rich in natural vitamins, minerals, essential healthy fats and easy digestion with no harsh chemicals are appeals for the consumer to move towards an all-natural organic pet food for their furry, four legged loved ones. "Pets require a very specific balance of key nutrients in order to lead happy, healthy lives," said Dr. Jennifer Coates, a practicing veterinarian and pet MD Spokesperson. "What may surprise many dog owners is that carbohydrates should make up around half of a dog 's daily diet. Like they do for people, complex carbohydrates give pets energy, make…show more content…
“New York City market research Company Packaged Facts says total pet food sales are projected to reach $24.7 billion by 2017. Sales of premium pet food (anything priced 10 percent above pet food overall) was 42 percent of total sales in 2012. Its share is expanding, says Packaged Facts, because of robust growth in the "super-premium" category. Dogs in particular are getting pampered the most. Premium dog food including pricey organic offerings and never-frozen meals has grown by nearly 170 percent over the past 15 years, according to Euro monitor, topping the market for medium- and low-priced varieties combined. Back in 1999, the most expensive dog chow accounted for 36 percent of the market, and now it’s 57 percent, or more than $6.5 billion a year” (http://abcnews.go.com). Marketing Mix Product I recommend that our product be all natural organic ingredients, rich in natural vitamins, minerals, essential healthy fats for easy digestion. “Essential nutrients are those required by the animal that either cannot be synthesized by the body or cannot be synthesized in adequate amounts for good health. Essential nutrients are supplied by complete, balanced nutrition. Dogs require about 40 essential nutrients, each in the right form and in the right amount to deliver complete nutrition” (Waltham, pg. 6). Our product should include an all-natural protein source as our man ingredients; being all natural lamb, chicken or beef, a starch source (which is our

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