A New Progressive Movement And Naji

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The lives of Abu Ali al-Kilawi and Naji were drastically changed by the rapid modernization of Syria for Ali and Iraq for Naji. Abu and Naji’s lives changed in unique ways of one another, considering the different ways the two states modernized, the influences of the country occupying them and the social and economic statuses of the men within those states. In order to understand the ways in which Abu and Naji’s lives changed it is necessary to analyze the way in which the community evolved during the time of modernization, the specific role the two individuals held within the community before the development, and finally connect these two ideas and interpret how the individuals’ lives were subsequently affected by modernization. Abu loses his status and role to play in society to a new progressive movement and Naji faces discrimination based on his Jewish faith because of the spreading anti-semitic ideology. First, understanding the way in which the community in Syria was set up and how it worked during the time of modernization is essential. At the beginning of modernizing Syria, was a failed revolution against the French military. This failure morphed popular opinion on how to progress forward as a nation. Rather than attempting to dispel the French from Syria, Syrians decided it was their only option to work side by side with the French through diplomacy. This new found group built strictly on forming diplomatic relationships with the French government became called…
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