A New Research And Development Group

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HACKD, LLC’s move to launch a new research and development group christened, CWE is a welcome move for the organization to streamline research operations, and to develop innovative products and services. The proposed CWE group systems are expected to run on the Ubuntu Linux 15.04 operating system that will access and share resources with the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domain at HACKD, LLC. The AD domain comprises several servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 providing various services such as DHCP, DNS, file sharing, Microsoft Active Directory, printing and web services. HACKD, LLC also has a mix of about 500 desktop and laptop computers running on the Windows XP and Windows 7 client operating systems. According to the Windows…show more content…
In the case of the CWE group systems implementation, the minimum system requirements for running Ubuntu 15.04 will be used to determine whether new hardware will be purchased, or whether current systems running Windows XP will be migrated to Ubuntu. The Ubuntu 15.04 operating system is distributed on two types of bootable images i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit PC images. The 64-bit (AMD64) desktop image is built to cater for systems based on the EM64T and AMD64 architectures such as Core 2, EM64T Xeon, and Athlon64. For 64-bit processor not manufactured by AMD, or when full support for 32-bit applications is required, the 32-bit (i386) desktop image is recommended. The 32-bit image is designed for almost all PC systems and includes computers with AMD/Intel processors, almost all machines capable or running Microsoft Windows operating system offerings. In fact, the 32-bit version of the Ubuntu 15.04 desktop image is recommended when organizations/users are unsure of which version to use (, 2015).
Another issue to consider on the hardware aspect regards the minimum system requirements required to run Ubuntu 15.04. The Table 1 below shows the minimum system requirements for Ubuntu 15.04 compared to the current system specifications for machines running Windows XP. The third ‘Requirements met’ column specifies whether the current Windows XP hardware meets the minimum requirements for installing Ubuntu 15.04. Ubuntu 15.04 Minimum System Requirements
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