A New Routing Mechanism For Manet Communication Essay

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Abstract— Now a days due to rapid improvements in the wireless and Ad-hoc Network Domain, the development of a special category of wireless ad hoc networks called Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). MANET Communication Security is currently great challenge in presence of different attacks such as DoS, Black Hole attacks, Wormhole Attacks, Sybil Attacks, Timing attacks, etc. In the presence of malicious nodes, preventing or detecting malicious nodes initiation of Gray hole or collaborative black hole attack is a major challenge. This paper introduces a new routing mechanism for MANET communication by using proactive & reactive defense scheme known as Hybrid Defending against Collaborative Black hole Attacks & Gray Hole Attacks. Proposed Scheme is known as CBDS (Co-Operative Bait Detection Scheme) which is based on DSR Based Routing Protocol for Mitigating against Variants of Collaborative Attacks. CBDS is already proposed for MANET but in this paper MANET provides smooth, efficient & secure routing in MANET by using Reverse Tracing Technique. Proposed scheme is more secure and efficient than existing malicious node detection mechanisms..
Keywords— Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs), Cooperative Bait Detection Scheme (CBDS), Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Hybrid Defence, Proactive Defence, Reactive Defence, Reverse Tracing.

A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a continuously self-configuring, infrastructure-less network of mobile devices connected wirelessly. Each device
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