A New Strategy For Kodak

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A New Strategy for Kodak José G. Zavala BUS 599: Strategic Management September 1, 2014 Dr. Hassan Yamer A New Strategy for Kodak Throughout the second industrial revolution many corporations offering new products and services emerged, and through these new innovations and ideas a brilliant idea blossomed; still pictures. This new invention could freeze a moment in time and treasure memories that would otherwise be forgotten. With this invention came a passion for photography, and in the 1880s an American inventor and philanthropist by the name of George Eastman emerged; with a profound passion for photography, Eastman set out to change the world. This paper will discuss five key objectives that encompass the operational, financial, and the human resources aspects of the business; analyze Kodak’s horizontal and vertical integration strategy; determine five ways which pursuing a multi-business model based on diversification may increase profitability; recommend one implementation strategy for Kodak; and speculate how the corporate-level strategy and the implementation strategy would support ethical business behaviors. Key Objectives One must consider that photography was a rare phenomenon, and professionals were the only ones possessing the knowledge and equipment to produce still pictures. Nevertheless, Eastman’s vision was to provide photography for the everyday consumer at low a cost. Eastman accomplished his mission when he introduced the commercial

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