A New Team At Hospital Corporation Of America

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I have transitioned with a new team at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) and have been helping out with cyber security’s operations. With this new assistance comes many applications that I am not familiar with. Some are very good and some are not up to par. One application in particular that amazes me is a big data application, the name cannot be stated due to confidentiality with HCA, which has a web based interface. More specifically, it is a log management application. The reason why I find it so fascinating is because of how easy it is to find the information needed for how much data it houses. Since it is a big data application, it is searching through petabytes of information. The interface is extremely easy to use and the data…show more content…
This can be very painful when the user may not know where to even start. If it ends up that the user is not at the right place, the user must start all over again in order to find the correct place in the console. I actually witnessed a prestige and experienced individual get very frustrated with the interface because this user was unable to get where he needed to be. It may be dangerous to mention how long it takes in order to get there. It is incredibly slow. This just adds to the frustration I witnessed from this experienced user. Monday, September 14, 2015 On one Monday night, I was in the first sessions of a healthcare class at Trevecca. The instructor was going through a new system, Blackboard. She has used it before, but was still unable to get where she needed to get to and was having a hard time finding a certain area of the site. This resulted in bringing in one of the subject matter experts from the office in Boone. She asked the question and he was also unable to find the correct information in class. This individual the professor called in is supposed to be the expert on the matter, but was still unable to find the correct information. It is interesting to see how even an expert on a certain system still cannot find simple, necessary information about the course. The argument could be made that it was ignorance of the user, but when thinking about the information needed, it was simple information that would be essential to provide. The site should have
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