A New Term Has Emerged In Education Recently That Has Teachers

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A new term has emerged in education recently that has teachers unease with how they feel about it. The ever so emerging “flipped classroom” technique is starting to become integrated in several classrooms today. The reason so many teachers are suspicious of the technique, is because it is foreign and rather new. Traditional styled teachers are struggling to accept the new style due to the deranged forms of learning. Whereas the newer teachers are excited to track progress and learn new techniques. I personally feel that educators need to respect the fundamentals of education, and embrace the ever so changing society. Central Methodist University should flip their writing courses because it enhances student learning and collaboration,…show more content…
Technology has been advancing rapidly during this generation, in turn, causing members of this generation to be highly dependent on technology. The flipped classroom utilizes technology to enhance learning inside and outside of the classroom. Allowing students to learn on a device which suits their comfortability level, makes learning a subject less scary or intense. “By obtaining videos from other sources the students indicate they are more engaged and found the information refreshing,” (Schmidt) . Many teachers see the technology aspect of flipped classrooms as the deciding factor. Some teachers feel that some children will not have access the videos then resulting in students lacking the lesson. However, on the flip side teachers have combated this problem by providing students with technology when they are in the classroom. Utilizing technology in the classroom has enhanced learning capabilities, and has maximized the potential for several students. Using technology also allows students that are absent to have access to the videos online. Living in Missouri we experience a lot of miserable weather, with a flipped classroom students can continue to make progress at home with the videos online. An advanced placement chemistry class was able to almost complete a whole unit on their own when out of school for a week due to snow (Hardy) . Having to review the videos and lectures that they post online, teachers are now double checking their work. In order for the
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