A New Tool For Smoking Secession Campaigns

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A new tactic for smoking secession campaigns, display a demonstration that compares a set of healthy lungs, verses a smoker’s lungs. It shows an air pump inflating the lungs as if they were breathing on their own. The healthy, ripe, pink, plump set of the non-smokers lungs inflate in and out, expanding without to ease. The pair of lungs that have been tarnished by cigarette smoking has a dark appearance and exerts more effort with minimal results. For some, this is enough to lay the habit down, right then and their. For others, the addiction out ways the logical intuition or factual evidence provided. Despite the fact that smoking is proven harmful to human health, people still find it hard to quit. Many factors come into play in regards to the smoking cessation process. Smoking cessation methods can be a resolution in regards to cigarette smoking, and the health hazards associated with it. For most smokers, the task of quitting is extremely difficult to say the least. This is because the habit is considered physically addictive. There are two main concepts linked to the dependence of cigarette smoking. The first is the oral fixation. Often times, smokers recognize that even with nicotine alternatives, they still are mentally longing for a habit that keeps them busy or they have the urge to have something physically in their mouth. The same concept applies to when infants have to be weaned off of a pacifier. The second is nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance that
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