A New Type of Film Essay

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A New Type of Film

Every day we are one step closer to filmmaking being as easy as taking out the brush and oils for a painting (Veneruso, 1998). The new technologies that have emerged in films have been the latest in a string of inventions, to help make the film industry better. Films have become an important part of our culutre since they started being made and shown regularly around the world. Although new technology in films may be nothing compared with other technology, it does seem that this technology will benefit a lot of people, and help to improve the quality of the entertainment. These new technologies to the film industry all have important roles in the new industry. Computer generated images, subtitle technology, digital
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The 1970’s gave birth to the ‘summer blockbuster’ films that appealed to the young, mass audiences. Movies such as “Jaws” and “Star Wars” in 1975 and 1977 respectively, started the blockbuster trend. Begin with lots of action, great music, and a ton of special effects, and you have a hit movie. Audiences were amazed at the effects in George Lucas’ “Star Wars” and although the film looks old-fashioned by today’s standards, seeing life-like foreign creatures and flying ships was exciting stuff (Howell, 2001).

The 1980’s saw cable television, direct broadcast satellite and videocassettes all offering new ways to see films. Digital sound was introduced into theatres to draw the audiences once again. Now, special effects have reached a whole new level. If you’ve been to the movies lately, you have probably noticed that many movies rely heavily on computer generated images (Howell, 2001). Films such as “Shrek” and “Final Fantasy” are made from all computer generated images. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether characters are animated or real. “Final Fantasy” contains some of the most lifelike images ever seen in film. The computer program known as HyperReal captures the tiniest human characteristics such as hair follices and skin tone (Howell, 2001). Computer generated images have added also to the effects in some films. “Pearl Harbour” used computers to
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