A New Understanding Of Sexuality

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In studying sexuality Reiss spent several months living in Sweden where he compared this culture to our own and formed a new understanding of teenage sexuality. The Swedish view sexual experiences during the teen years as a natural expected occurrence, thus they are a society that choses to prepare their children rather than leave them in the dark. Sexual education in Sweden occurs as early as preschool and the goal of these programs are to instill a comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of various sexual behaviors. As a result of this pluralistic tactic the rates of sexual consequences in Sweden are significantly less than those of the United States. In addition to this the Swedish have employed an educational perspective that falls in line with the ideas of pluralism, which teaches various sexualities and the concern for the well-being of the other person. In contrast to this, the sexual education programs in America are highly centered in sex negativity as they preach unrealistic tactics such as abstinence and restricting sexual information. Reiss argues that not only Sweden and American, but all countries can promote the concept of pluralism by developing sexual relationships that involve honestly, equality and responsibility. The oldest recorded study on sexuality occurred during the year 1892 and was tucked away in the Stanford University library with no recognition until thirty years later. This study was eventually unearthed and the shocking reality of the sexual
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