A New Up And Coming Uk Government

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As a new up and coming UK government, our main aim is to address the current economic situation the country is faced with, the serious debt problems, the rise in unemployment and the lengthy period of recession. To do this the brief will explain the proposed economic objectives and policies, furthermore, it will address the problems of unemployment and the effects of both inflation and international trade on the economy and business organisations. The UK economy has been going through some unsettling times in recent years and has many challenges to overcome. Our economic objective is to fulfil one goal, which is to maintain a steady economy. So in order to address the current economic situation, our main aim is to raise the rate of…show more content…
The same conflict can be noted between the healthy growth and the balance of payments stability this is when consumption is high and the UK consumers have a trend to spend their money on imports, which leads to a larger balance of payments deficit. The other conflict happens between low unemployment and low inflation as well as between healthy growth and the environment notably, with a fast growth rate there is a greater level of production and an increase in pollution and finally, healthy growth and equality when an economy grows we note that often the rich benefit and the poor suffer thus creating more inequality in the country (Worthington and Britton, 1997). Our biggest issue is unemployment it is an economic indicator that points to the per-centage of people in our economy who are able and willing to work, but are unable to get a job. And people who are not able or willing to work, for whatever reason. In this present scenario, it clearly shows that the current government has not been using its economic resources in the greatest possible way. The causes of unemployment are diverse, at present we are faced with different types of unemployment which are as follows: 1. Voluntary unemployment this shows people who are reluctant to work at the current wage rate. Voluntary unemployment is a national waste of human energy which is
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