A New Up And Coming Uk Government

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As a new up and coming UK government, our main aim is to address the current economic situation the country is faced with, the serious debt problems, the rise in unemployment and the lengthy period of recession. To do this the brief will explain the proposed economic objectives and policies, furthermore, it will address the problems of unemployment and the effects of both inflation and international trade on the economy and business organisations.
The UK economy has been going through some unsettling times in recent years and has many challenges to overcome. Our economic objective is to fulfil one goal, which is to maintain a steady economy. So in order to address the current economic situation, our main aim is to raise the rate of viable growth and achieve rising prosperity through creating economic opportunities or a better prospect for all. We will achieve this by having stable prices, steady and sustained economic growth, low unemployment moderate interest rates, financial stability, a balance of payments equilibrium and social objectives. Our economic policy to address the reasons that affect the growth of our country is human resources, natural resources, capital formation, technological development social and political factors (Lyons, 1996). Unfortunately, we could find ourselves faced with conflicts between these objectives, such as the healthy growth and low inflation meaning that if our economy develops to fast demand may exceed supply leading to a rise in…
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