A New Voting System: The Electoral College

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In 1787 the Framers established a new voting system known as the Electoral College. (Brown) It is a group of electors chosen by the voters in every state to select the President and Vice President of the United States. The reason for its creation was because the founding father were terrified of direct election to the Presidency. They also had the interests of the small states and rural areas in mind and wanted to make sure they were protected. This is how the Electoral College works in five steps:
(1) Each political party chooses a slate of electors before to the general election in November. These electors promise to vote for a specific candidate. (2) In November of a presidential election year, each state holds a general election in which all qualified citizens may vote. The outcomes from the November election decide which political party’s electors are chosen to vote in the Electoral College in December. All of the electors for the candidate that wins the popular vote are selected to cast their vote for President. This is call the “winner takes all” system. (3) In December, the electors gather in their state capitols to cast their votes for President and Vice President 41 days after the election. States may or may not require their electors to vote with the popular majority. Electors who vote contrary to their promised nominee are called
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(Soni) However, this can be seen to be a big problem as well. It does not mirror how the people voted and the winner takes all method does not display what each districts belief truly is. (Brown) It will also give some states too much control over the election and will not actually be a democracy because it is not always the same results as popular vote.
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