A New Way of Leadership

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A New Way of Leadership Cultural Identity- Steve Jobs Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple was constantly making sure that Apple incorporated was running at its full potential. Apple today is continuing to grow, even without Jobs, but are lacking in what made the company truly shine brighter than all of its competitors. Jobs found out, through many years of experience, that the way for a company to be successful was to loosen the reins a little bit, and by doing that you gained more power. Jobs had a lot to do with the cultural identity of the company. To recognize the best employees, Apple created the Apple Fellows program, which awarded individuals who made incredible technical and or leadership contributions to the jobs…show more content…
Another thing that Cook did differently as his time as CEO was that he actually made the effort to talk to investors, unlike Jobs who didn’t deem it necessary. Cook created a program that matches employee gifts to charity by granting a dividend to its shareholders. Tim Cook has been taking Apple in a whole new direction. Cook has made many changes to the company, many of them were extremely important to the successfulness of Apple. Cook also took charge in a controversy over in China about how the workers' were being treated. Cook went over to the factory and made changes in how they were being treated and didn’t keep the trip quiet either, he wanted the people to know what he was doing and why. After his trip to China, Cook had Apple join the Fair Labor Association, which is a third-party industry financed group that visits all of Apple’s factories and report any findings that that are hindering the workers treatment. When Job’s stepped down from the CEO role of Apple he told Cook that he wanted him to do what was best for the company and not constantly think “what would Steve do” which gave Cook the confidence in taking over the company and making some extremely important decisions on what Apple needed to do differently under his rule. The Complications of New Leadership It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do at work, the culture of the business is extremely important. When new management comes in and changes that
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