A New World Of Revenue Recognition

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Article Write-Up 1 Yeaton (2015) research titled “A New World of Revenue Recognition” about the discussion of the new revenue recognition standard, jointly issued by FASB and IASB, which is effective after December 15, 2016 for public companies and after December 15, 2017 for private companies and non-profit organizations (p.50). Yeaton identified that the new revenue recognition standard will supersede most, if not all existing revenue standards (p.50). Yeaton summarized the purpose of the GAAP and IFRS converged standards on revenue recognition to provide consistent guidance to replace or remove the transaction and industry or geographic specific guidelines, to simplify or streamline current revenue criterion, and to enhance disclosure statement to demonstrate the nature, timing, amount and uncertainty of cash flow and revenue (p.50). Yeaton implied that the new standard of recognizing revenue will have significant impact on real estate and telecommunications companies, however it will provide variable impact on all companies, and in order to capture, to align and to justify business decision on revenue measurement, it could potentially require substantial changes on its existing process, policies and frameworks (p.50). Yeaton recognized the need of additional or frequent use of judgement and estimation to comply with the new requirements under the new principles of revenue recognition (p.50). Yeaton (2015) determined areas where companies would have to make necessary
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