A New World Order For The United States

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A New World Order

The 20th century brought with it a plethora of technological advancements that acted as a catalyst for an important and lasting shift in the United State’s perception of its role in the world. Technological advancement in travel and communication changed the American people’s views of the world, therefore changing the direction of American foreign policy. This shift in foreign policy would eventually lead the United States into the grips of two horrific wars on the European continent. However, these wars would provide the necessary environment for the country to establish itself as the leader of the international system – a title it would desperately need tin order to attempt to create a new, less conflict-ridden global order. Though World War I set the stage for the United States to assume a global leadership role, which then set the stage for a second world war, it is not to say that the United States ever wanted anything to do with a European war in the first place. I argue that the U. S. failures to prevent World War I and World War II was due to a series of actions and events beginning at the turn of the century (a domino effect) that made it impossible to avoid joining either war once they began.
Samuel Morse’s telegraph revolutionized long distance communication, making it possible for near-instant communication, even across such a vast space like the Atlantic Ocean. Equally important as the telegraph, advancements in the capabilities of the steam
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