A New Year Of Youth Group

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To be honest, I had nervous expectations coming into a new year of youth group because I had just gotten out of an unsuccessful summer romance with a fellow sponsor that I volunteer at TIC with every week. However, my fears were unnecessary; the added expectations of this internship helped me focus less on the awkwardness of the failed relationship and focus more on my youth ministry efforts. When I was a freshman sponsor, there was a Dordt senior sponsor who interned under the church and was paid by the church for her work. I always felt the shame of being under my processor’s shadow of high expectations because I feel like I’m not good enough to have New Life want to pay me. This may sound bad, but I actually had low expectations for my practicum this semester. I didn’t expect it to be much different from the volunteering that I had already been doing with New Life for the past two years. I expected the general blanket statements of the goals that all youth workers expect: being able to grow in my relationships with students in order to help these teens grow in their relationship with God. If I’ve learned anything from my experiences, though, I’ve learned that you can never really expect anything in youth ministry. The biggest strength that I brought into the practicum was two years of prior experience with this youth group, which gave me the advantage of already being familiar with most of the people I worked with. I was given similar assignments and tasks by Ryan as
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