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“Misinterpretation always precedes interpretation by three letters.” With Hidden Agendas being based upon leaked pages of the TPPA, misinterpretation and so-called “worst case outcomes” were always going to embody the theme of this book. In contrast, I believe that the TPPA is a deal New Zealand cannot afford to miss out on, however, some current conditions of the agreement will have to be altered to prevent the potential flaws from overpowering the benefits.
The benefits of the TPPA are immense for New Zealand as it includes 9 countries consisting of 40% of the world economy, benefiting New Zealand by over $300 million per year. The reduction in minimal tariffs will lead to huge gains in New Zealand primary sectors in both importing and exporting areas. It is also important to realize the political alliances that will be created through the TPPA. New Zealand is a country that depends on trade and relationships to grow its economy and prosperity. For these reasons, New Zealand cannot afford to overlook the TPPA, yet, it is important to not overlook the potential burdens between the lines. A significant potential flaw with the TPPA is the introduction of America’s corporate aggression for profits and the litigious nature of the country. This is an item within the TPPA, which will need to be ironed out before the countries sign as it has far reaching effects upon New Zealand as a whole. Firstly, the process of litigation in New Zealand is not heavily imbedded in the culture…

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