A Night at Work.

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Deshawn Battle English 101 G Professor Haptas March 31, 2016 A Night at Work. The sound of chimes repeatedly sounding off from patients call lights. Nurses in blue scrubs rushing while patient care techs dressed navy blue uniform right beside the nurses like sidekicks. The House Director announces in a smooth calm voice over the intercom, “Code Blue- Room 344.” It’s never easy working in a hospital, especially being part of the nursing team. You have to know vital things, that may save or kill a patient. You have to be quick on your toes about everything, from how to avoid a patient from causing harm to you or themselves, to if a physician asks something about a specific patient you have to be prepared to answer…show more content…
My finger continued twitching. I heard the small voice in my head telling me, “I knew today wasn’t going to be a good day.” I began sweating profusely, as I looked at my reflection in the small elevator mirror, my face looked fearful as if I saw death before my eyes. The ER was definitely a much different scene. The doctors were running around in green scrubs, while the nurses in their light blue scrubs. There were no call lights in the emergency room. As I slowly approach the nursing station, I’m looking around like a lost house cat in an unknown neighborhood. There were no doors to separate the patients from the nurses only thin curtains. The beds weren’t automated controlled, but they were manual and were more like carts then actual beds. A nurse rushed to greet me before I could even make it to the nursing station. Are you from “3 West?” her eyes were big and her hands were shaking as she gripped both my arms tightly. “Yeah I am” I told her, and within a split second she yelled “we need you in room four!” We rushed into the room, my finger still twitching nervously. The small voice in my head telling me “why didn’t I call off?” I could’ve kicked myself at that instant for going against my gut feeling. There were three nurses in room four, two of which were females and one male. The female nurses looked confused and scared, while the male nurse looked relaxed and unbothered
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