A Night of Neo-Psychedelia and Paisley Underground

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Additionally we had two guest D J’s , Eric Slick from Dr. Dog and Dominic Angelella form DRGN KING. They played songs LP's and 45's in between sets and I had the opportunity to speak with Eric about Dr. Dog and the music business. He is the drummer and arranged the horns on the new album, B-Room. The album is a group project and is the driving force in the wide range of musical styles on this fine album. It is disappointing to hear that sales are light, even though, by many standards it is a very good effort. “Folks take our music” we make our living touring. Intellectually, I know this, but folks would not steal tips, a painting, or money, yet feel comfortable taking an artist's work. Thanks for coming and adding a little more color to a very musically colorful night.

Weekender came out first and set the mood with their dreamy Paisley Underground cuts from their album, Spanish Peaks. Nick and Eric Sheehan write the music and play drums and guitar. Tom Anthony and Emily Cahiel added depth with vocals and guitars. Emily's harmony gave the vocals that far off Blue Oyster Cult feel. I heard a lot of my favorites in their music, The Moody Blues. The Strawbs, Jefferson Airplane and Blue Oyster Cult. This was most evident in the first song “LSD and the Age of Interest” and the last song “Spanish Peaks” which is also…

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