A Noise Within By Luigi Pirandello

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With the help of directors Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott, a play within a play comes to A Noise Within. In Six Characters in Search of an Author, six characters appear in front of actors and a director at A Noise Within during a rehearsal with only one desire: to tell their unfinished story. A Noise Within is known quite well for their performances of popular adaptations, and when Robert Brustein’s adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s metatheatre absurdist play comes to A Noise Within, it is quite clear what the directors are trying to say. In their production of Six Characters, directors Geoff and Julia Elliott convey the theme that theatres are filled with the impressions of all the characters played there, and will always be a part of that theatre. The success of this adaptation is attributed to no one person, but the collective effort of the people at A Noise Within. This production of Six Characters provides purposeful and creative direction, dedicated actors and actresses, and a stunning use of production values that display an engaging adaptation of the play.
It is obvious that Geoff and Julia Elliott were very involved in the direction and created an adaptation in which everything in the play was thought-out and had a purpose. This can be seen by the writing done for the play. Most directors choose to perform the play with as few changes to the script as possible. It seems, however, that Geoff and Julia Elliott went out of their way to add to the script in

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