A Non Experimental Research Design

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Research Design A non-experimental research design and a mixed methods would be employed for this study. There are other designs that could have been used such as quasi-experimental, action research, experimental design etc. However, the non-experimental research design is the most appropriate for collecting descriptive information and analyzing correlational variables within IPV. The study will also involve a mixed research design, i.e. the sequential explanatory design, which would be used in integrating the quantitative and qualitative methods in addressing the objectives of the study (Sandelowski, 2000). The sequential explanatory design would involve collection and analysis of the quantitative data followed by detailed exploration with a few cases or individuals through the qualitative analysis (Creswell, 2003). 3.3. Research Methods Using the mixed methods design, the methods of data collection adopted for this study will be the secondary data analysis and in-depth interview. For the quantitative data, secondary data from the General Social Survey (G.S.S.) (Victimization) from Statistics Canada of 2014 would be used. The qualitative method of data collection for this study would be in-depth interview. The two methods would be used to making simple generalizations on the behaviour of the whole study population i.e. a quantitative study. 3.4. Study Population and Sampling Procedure For the secondary data analysis, the G.S.S. (Victimization) 2014 was collected by
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