A Non St Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome

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In the management of an NSTE-ACS patient who underwent early PCI, is there any distinction between Plavix and Brilinta in reducing thrombotic CV events? By Lucia A. Garza Master’s Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of: Masters in Physician Assistant Studies University of Texas Rio Grande Valley College of Health Sciences & Human Services Department of Physician Assistant Studies Edinburg, Texas December 2015 Abstract: A non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome (NSTE-ACS) is a very common presentation to emergency departments everywhere, as well as primary care practices. Therefore, it is important that all providers be well informed on the effectivity of certain treatment regimens.…show more content…
Research shows that due to the greater frequency of PCI in various trials, Brilinta was showed to have greater benefit over Plavix in NSTE-ACS patients. NSTE-ACS blah blah and mention statistics and other sources. This research involving current literature was conducted to determine if there is any difference in antiplatelet therapy with Plavix, when compared to Brilinta. With this knowledge, providers can be properly informed about choosing the best treatment for their patients. Methods: In order to conduct this research paper, access was gained into the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley library website (http://www.utpa.edu/library). Under the heading of ‘Articles and Databases’, Pub Med was selected. Entering the key-words‘Brilinta’, ‘NSTE ACS’ and ‘Brilinta vs Plavix’ this search was conducted. This search was conducted on several separate occasions. Over 350 articles were returned with these key-words mentioned in the title. After the initial search, about 35 journal readings had to be read thoroughly and closely analyzed. From which, 10 of these journal articles were deemed pertinent to this manuscript. These publications were then saved, printed, and re-analyzed for key information. All publications were chosen from reputable sources via online and only pertinent information relating to this manuscript will be discussed. Results: NSTE-ACS is a diagnosis a provider should never miss.
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