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Who am I? my name is Lin and while i was in primary school i never liked writing but i was always fond of words.
I remember the day that all changed i was at school and the teacher decided to read out a story someone in our class had wrote. to my surprise the teacher chose my story, this was confusing because i wasnt the top of my class. afterwards the teacher said he wanted to speak to my mother, and this was never a good thing so i didn 't tell my mum that the teacher wanted a meeting. fast forward to parents evening (these never went well for me) the teacher said he wanted to enter my story into a local competition because he thought i could win. i was just as surprised as my mum. fast forward to the competition. i didn 't win, but i came second. for the first time i felt genuinely proud of myself together with a teacher the believed in me, CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE . later that day the teacher said to me that i could grow up to be a great writer if i applied myself. at that age i didn 't take him seriously because i only wrote one fairly good story maybe i got lucky. but his words planted a seed an idea deep in my mind.

I can distinctly remember when my teacher 's words come back years later begin to inspire curiosity within me. i was 13 was on
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