A Note On Accelerometers Without Helmets

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James Whitcomb Riley High School

Accelerometers Without Helmets

Korbett Koselak, Joshua Dick, Emmanuel Aguilar
AP Physics 6th Period
Dr. Sakimoto
Due: January 12, 2016

Accelerometers without helmets was our topic. Not the topic we wanted, but it was a good topic to research. Our team was formed by three people. Josh Dick, Korbet Koselak, and Emmanuel Aguilar (me). Concussions are amazing. Not the results of having one, but just they way they work. How complex, and life changing they can be to one person. This is what makes this topic important. We want to find a way to neutralize concussions. We want to see the day where we people don’t have to worry about getting a concussion and screwing their life
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Not because they didn’t exist before, but because we just started learning about them. Concussions are like the ocean. We know they exist, but we don’t know all the mysteries they contain. The first introduction to concussion we got as a class were the movies we watched in class. We learned the basics we needed for this topic. After watching the movie, I realized a couple things. Concussions weren’t as simple as we thought they were. I ended up realizing that they are really complex. We also learned the symptoms of a concussion. Before we started the project, everyone thought a concussion was when you hit your head hard, and you pass out. There more though! There is more than 20 symptoms that could possibly mean you have a concussion. You don’t even need to hit something to get a concussion! Concussion symptoms range from feeling emotional, angry, weird to passing out, vomiting, and confusion. This just shows you how ignorant we were towards concussions. This also explained why concussions are so hard to diagnose a concussion. Diagnosing concussions is hard thanks to a lot of factors. First of all, your brain isn’t like a bone or a limb. You can’t see the damage! If an athlete ever brakes a bone or a leg they know. Not only do they feel the pain, but the coach might stop to see if he’s right. They can instantly see if the limb has any damage, and if he can go back to play. With concussions, you don’t get that chance. Yes, there are symptoms you feel
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