A Note On Change Management Process

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Doc#8 : Change rules
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1. Overview
Change Management processes are the fundamental to some successful deliveries of the project. The Change Management process would ensure that each of the change introduced to project environment is appropriately well-defined, evaluated and also approved prior to the implementation phase.
Change Management will also be introduced to the project, so through the implementation phase of the five key processes:
- Formal process for submission and the receipt of some change requests
- Formal process for review and logging of several change requests
- Formal process for the determination of feasibility of the change requests
- Formal process for approval of several change requests
- Formal process for the implementation and the closure of such change requests
2. Change Process
The most important process is to Provide such a diagrammatic representation of processes and the procedures to be undertaken to the initiate, also implement and review effects of the changes within the whole project.
2.1. Summary
The diagram provides a brief overview of change processes, and procedures in order to be undertaken to do effectively manage the project-related changes. So, Change Management roles have also been allocated.
2.2. Submit Change Request
This processes provide an ability for any member of project team in order to submit such a request for the change to project. Hence, the following procedures should be…
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