A Note On Dirk Niepoort

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Introduction In a short time, the Douro has created itself as Portugal’s premium wine region. The change that is now taking place in this most extraordinary wine regions. The suddenly joined vineyards hold some delightful terroirs. Because the economic domination of the Port trade it is only lately that these have been broadly oppressed to produce premium wines. Table wine has continuously been made here but, with a couple of noteworthy omissions, it has been unattractive stuff, typically badly made from low quality grapes that were leftover to the requirements of Port producers. Numerous factors have united to change this situation. Most significantly, a critical mass of concurring winemakers has arisen, passionate about making the very best wines that these extraordinary terroirs are proficient of. Dirk Niepoort has been a key player in current developments in the region. As well as producing some dazzlingly expressive Douro wines himself, he has been acting as a ingredient by inspiring the leading wine producers to get together and spur each other on to better things. (Goode 2016.) Analysis “A few years later, events conspired to escalate the exports of Portuguese wine to England. In 1667 Colbert, first minister of Louis XIV, embarked on a series of measures to restrict the import of English goods into France. This provoked Charles II of England into increasing the duty on French wines and later forbidding their import altogether, obliging the English wine trade to seek

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