A Note On Mondrian Architecture

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Mondrain is a Relational Online Analytical Processing server. It is written in Java and used for reporting and data warehousing. It supports Mulidimensional expression query language i.e, MDX, OLAP4J for interface specification and XML for analysis. It is an open source OLAP server and more useful for analysis that involves drilling down data. The Mondrian schema is supported by almost any OLAP client tool.
Connecting to Mondrian Engine
Mondrian maintains data in MDX fashion. For us to access any existing cube, we need some reporting tool. We can use Pentaho Report designer for writing the query to fetch data from data warehouse and publish it on the report using MDX. One of the ways we can connect to Mondrian is by using its rich
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Three kinds of data need to be stored: fact table data (the transactional records), aggregates, and dimensions. The multidimensional format does not perform well when there are more than few dimensions which will lead to sparse data. A HOLAP , a hybrid OLAP system solves this problem by only storing the aggregates in multidimensional format.
Mondrian’s primary API is proprietary. Mondrian provides API for client applications to executing queries. It uses a language called MDX which is used for querying multidimentional databases.
Mondrian is used for:
1. It gives high performace and provided interactive analysis of large or small data.
2. It provides dimensional exploration of data
3. We can parse MDX into SQL to retrieve answers to dimensional queries.
4. High speed queries
5. Advanced calculations using calculation expression of MDX language

Druid is open source distributed data store written in java . It allows fast access to large sets of seldom changing data. It is commonly used in Business intelligence applications to analyze high volumes of real time and historical data. Druid allows for single table queries. It provides:
• Partially nested data structures use columnar storage format.
• For quick filtering, can use indexing.
• hierarchical query distribution with intermediate pruning
• realtime ingestion
• fault tolerant distributed architecture

The name druid comes from role playing games as it is capable of

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