A Note On Shareholders And Investors

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a. Shareholders and investors. Because they are in the initial state of their business, they do not have shareholders and investors right now. However, they are looking for investors, and the future investors and shareholders will be the most important stakeholders for Sesolo Mello. To develop and sell much better fuel items in the market, they need more investment, but there is not enough information who an investor can invest his money in their business on the official website. To communicate the future investors, they have to improve the website. b. Employees. When they start to produce and sell their fuel in earnest, they have to hire more employees. They will want to hire employees who can share the same vision to make much safe and clean environment by using Sesolo Mello’s fuels. Of course, they will hire a lot of local laborers as their employees, and the stable job can change the laborer’s life. The wage of African laborers is much cheaper than other developed countries, so they will be able to hire more employees. c. Manufacturers (Local Partners). To make a contract with local manufacturers to produce their goods is can be a good business option. To open and manage a factory needs huge investment and expertise. So, local manufacturer will be one of the most important stakeholders for them. The infrastructure and managing ability for factory in Africa is not enough compared to developed countries, so they have to bother to find and manage good manufacture to
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