A Note On Stock Market

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Imagine having a family with beautiful children, you are the head of the household and control all of the financial decisions. You decide to find ways to improve your household’s income and decide invest your entire income into the stock market, now your beautiful family are victims of the stock market’s rollercoaster ride. You don’t know if you’ll wake up rich or lose everything, it’s quite the rush. The stock market is a very complex subject, there are experts and people who think they are experts. It revolves around one subject, and one subject only Money. No matter experience level, or knowledge on the stock market; no single person is able to give a for sure answer on whether a stock will go up, down, or completely fail. Stock broker’s lives depend on risks some being really high, and some being safe and secure. Because there is no definite way to tell if a stock will succeed or fail drastically, brokerage firms give off a sense of being fraudulent. In some cases brokerage firms are sometimes untrustworthy, because no matter if a stock goes up, down, or completely fails they still receive a paycheck of commission from selling people stock. This occupation is often depicted in the media as stressful, and is in an environment that is crooked, however, the media stereotypes this job since it can extremely helpful to others who carefully choose their investments. In an average stock brokerage firm you walk in and you can hear money being made. Phones ringing off the…

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