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Hello! Thank you for taking your time to click on this application! Make sure to leave feedback! IGN(s) (In Game Name): aStealth Previous IGN's: mine.ly/aStealth.1 ☆═══════☆════════☆ Age: 13 - But I would say that I am very mature for my age. ☆═══════☆════════☆ Timezone: GMT +1 ☆═══════☆════════☆ Twitter / Telegram: Twitter: @IGNStealth Telegram: @IGNStealth ☆═══════☆════════☆ Do you have TeamSpeak and a working mic?: Yes, I have been using Teamspeak for at least 2 years now and I know how to fully function it. And I currently have the Blue Yeti microphone. ☆═══════☆════════☆ How many hours will you staff a day?: I will be dedicating a lot of my time towards the server helping new players! Here is a little table that I have…show more content…
Another reason as to why I should be chosen as staff is because I am very active in Discord/TeamSpeak/In-Game/Forums! I will be helping people non stop and I am not like one of those people who gets accepted then just do nothing. I would be helping a lot of people making sure the server is clean from toxic people. I will also make the server less toxic and more fun to play on because having toxic people on a server isn't nice because there can be serious situations that can occur from time to time. Last but not least I just love helping people, in general, I would call it my hobby because it's a nice thing to help people improve their time on the network. I am also good at communicating with people e.g; Listening to both sides of the situation to see what is going on. Of course if someone was shouting/screaming at me I would remain calm and positive! I know how to speak a little Spanish which may help if I froze a Spanish player or a Spanish player needed help! Do you have any previous staff experience: Yes, I do have some previous experience! ☆RiverMC☆ ☆Rank: Admin☆ ☆Mentor: Null☆ ☆Player Base: N/A☆ ☆Resignation/Demotion: Resignation☆ What I learnt whilst being staff: I didn't learn a lot whilst being staff on this server because I resigned before the server released Why I resigned: I resigned because the server Owner didn't know

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