A Note On The Blue Lines

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Two blue lines. I knew then that I was pregnant. After being told I couldn’t have kids and tying for three years. This was a blessing or two. I was happy and scared. Now to tell family and friends the news. How would they act, happy, mad, over joyed. These was no telling. As a new mother I wanted everything to be perfect. Always in back of my mind was to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and baby. But with my history I was considered high risk. It was my 23rd birthday, my first ultrasound. It was finally time to see my baby and to find out what I was having. My heart was pounding and my nerves unsettling. Finally the nurse comes in the room. She puts the camera on the right side of my stomach, and I see my baby. She moves the camera to the left side, I see the baby again. Thinking to myself wow that baby moved fast. But then she moved the camera to the middle of my stomach, my heart went from barely pounding to about to beat out my chest. I was having twins, they were laying on top of each other like the Ying-yang sign. Now the real journey begins. I was working and visiting the doctor every two weeks. One week was just to check my weight, blood pressure, checking babies, heart rates, and measuring my stomach. The other was an ultrasound to check on babies and to check me. I was happy that I got to see my babies once a month. Everything was going well the first 7 ½ months. The babies were growing and their heart rates good and strong. I was getting bigger,

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